March 27, 2024

Well Highlights 24th Annual Employee Health Care Conference in San Diego

Read up on the Well team’s appearance at the 24th annual Employee Health Care Conference

Well recently attended the 24th annual Employee Health Care Conference in San Diego presented by The Conference Board.  We were selected to present at the vendor showcase as a key innovator in health care.  The showcase was moderated by WTW and was infused with challenging Q&A from the venture capital industry.  

Our Chief Growth Officer, Renya Spak, delivered an engaging pitch to an audience of employers, highlighting Well as the ultimate daily health partner that uses our proprietary AI Health Engine technology to predict member needs, understand their motivations, and create dynamic personalized incentives. Joined on stage with some uber popular friends, Spak and Lindsay Hunter, our VP of Consultant Partnerships, shared Well’s ability to connect the wellbeing dots for each of our members in a unique and engaging manner – powered by AI and dedicated to building a personalized map for each member.

Well Chief Growth Officer Renya Spak (l) and VP of Consultant Relations Lindsay Hunter (r) pose at the Employee Health Care Conference

“What an impressive group of innovators at the EHC Conference”, said Spak. “It is inspiring to see so many other mission-driven companies all in the pursuit of better health experiences. Leaving the conference, I am more convinced than ever that the future of employee health lies in personalized experiences dynamically arranged by responsibly-trained, interdisciplinary AI models. Well is positioned perfectly for this new frontier.”

The Well team is excited to return to the Employee Health Care Conference in New York City Monday, April 15th.

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