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Rick Minerich

VP, Engineering

Rick Minerich is a Technology Leader and Inventor with 25 years of experience building software across many different domains and 15 years in Artificial Intelligence specifically. His background includes previous leadership roles ranging from CTO to Machine Learning Research Group Director. Rick‘s primary focus is helping Well meet the engineering and people challenges of scaling an AI driven business.

Prior to joining well Rick was CTO of Safe Banking Systems, a Machine Learning powered B2B SaaS RegTech company that successfully exited with a purchase by British multinational RELX. After the purchase he stayed on at RELX for a few years to integrate, exploit key synergies with other products, and scale SBS’s technology globally.

Rick holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from University of Massachusetts Amherst where he spent two years as a research assistant under Andrew McCallum and Chris Pal. Rick was also a long time Vistage executive advisory group member, a group where executives across many different types of non-competing companies help each other and grow together. A lifelong enjoyer of learning, Rick continues to augment his education with online classes when he can find the time, having completed 7 Machine Learning related Coursera classes at the time of this writing.